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Standard Gauge
  Co-Co Diesel Electric


These 5 standard gauge locomotives were built in China at about the same time as the D19E class ie. around 2006. At first I thought they were the same locomotive but after a bit of research I now believe they are a different or modified version. They are much heavier for a start, weighing in at 108 tons compared to the D19E's 80 tons. The body looks much heavier too. And many of the body details are different. They appear to have been built by the same company CSR Ziyang (China South). They are classified as their model SDD3. The bogies look very similar to those used under the D14E class.

They are presumably numbered 2031 to 2035 as I have photos of 2033 and 2035. The locomotives carry the inscription "Huu Nghi" on the front of the cab, which my dictionary tells me means 'Friendship'.

Manufacturer: CSR Ziyang (China South)
Model: SDD3
Gauge: 1435 mm (standard gauge)
Number in Class: 5
Year Built: 2006
Total Weight: 108 tonnes
Maximum Speed: 120 km/h
Numbers: 2031-2035

Locomotive Classifications

Steam Locomotives generally used the traditional French classification system. A steam locomotive with a 2-8-2 wheel arrangement is classified as 141 class, a locomotive with  4-6-2 wheel arrangement is classified as 231 class etc. Pretty straight forward, except what they did  if  two classes had a 2-8-2 wheel arrangement I'm not sure. It didn't happen so wasn't a problem?

Diesel locomotives have a completely dfferent clasification system.

All diesel classes start with the letter 'D'  (for diesel?) then a number which I believe is related to the locomotives  power output. The third character defines  Electric' (E) or hydraulic  (H).

Standard gauge (1435mm) locomotives have the letter 'r' after the class. for example D19Er, but this has not always been the case.

e.g. D5H class = Diesel + 500 hp + hydraulic.

Again, what happens if two classes are the same I don't know.

I am still investigating pre 1975 classifications. Some are the same e.g. 141 steam class, and some are different e.g. 'BB' class instead of D9E.

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